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Frequently asked questions

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Where can I park?

ArtBeast is surrounded by lots of free, two hour street parking.  You will not have trouble finding parking within a block of ArtBeast.  If you don't want to move your car after two hours, you can park on 22nd Street between J and K and use the 10 hour parking meters.  The parking lot behind our building is privately leased and cannot be used by ArtBeast visitors.

Does ArtBeast do birthday parties?

Yes!  Click on the link on the bottom of our home page.

Can you eat at ArtBeast?

Visitors are welcome to eat in the back courtyard at ArtBeast.  We have a table and chairs. We do sell snacks, and ArtBeast is surrounded by lots of great, independently owned restaurants.

Is ArtBeast a franchise?

No. This is the only ArtBeast Studio!  It was dreamed up and put together by two moms who longed for a place to let their children explore the arts at length while also sustaining the nonprofit they founded to support homeless families.

Can children over 6 visit?

Absolutely!  We just ask they keep in mind the space was designed for a young crowd so be sweet about sharing the space. We find that the older sisters and brothers like spending time in the open studio. They come up with some great creations- and often inspire the younger ones to some new uses of familiar art supplies.

Do you offer discounts for groups?

We do not offer group discounts. We are hoping to encourage membership- and frequent visits- so we discount our memberships.

Can you accommodate field trips?

We can host small field trips of 30 children or less. We ask that there be one adult providing supervision for every 4 or 5 children.  We pride ourselves on providing space for creativity. If too many bodies are packed into the building that space is undermined.

Since ArtBeast is run by a nonprofit, is it funded by grants?

No. Waking the Village, the nonprofit that launched ArtBeast, opened ArtBeast to generate funding to keep its Tubman House program alive.  Since grant funding can be unpredictable, we were hoping to find a new and creative way to generate funding for Tubman House. ArtBeast is our way of filling another community need- art space for kids- while generating a slight profit to keep a program around for many years to come.  

Is ArtBeast fully accessible to someone in a wheelchair?

ArtBeast is housed in a building with 4 levels. Most of these are only accessible by stairs.  The lobby of the building 
and the outside courtyard are accessible.  With notice we can accommodate someone in a wheelchair by moving artsupplies and tables into the lobby or courtyard, as well as by relocating classes into either of these areas. 

WHY do GROWN UPS have to pay to visit?

ArtBeast hopes to build a community of families. We hope the adults who come to ArtBeast will come to find they get something out of the visit- be it camaraderie, a wonderful bonding moment, a nifty piece of art they made out of string and glue and buttons, or a sense of the possibilities of families sharing in creation and play.  

We could raise the price for children- and lower the price for adults. After all, the studios within blocks of ArtBeast charge $15 for one child to drop in to one 45 minute class one time.  The parents get to sit in the lobby for free.  But we believe we are offering an experience for everyone who enters. We believe it has value.  

If this still isn’t working for you, remember we use EVERY dime for only one of two things- to make ArtBeast better or to pay for the counseling, food, home, child care, and hope we offer the formerly homeless parents that live at Tubman House.  We do not give a portion of our proceeds. We give ALL our proceeds to Tubman House.  Think of the adult fee as a way of giving thanks that you can offer your child this opportunity to dig into the arts- while other children are still hoping for a stable roof over their heads.  

Still not buying it?  You likely have attended many places to put a big smile on your child’s face.  The zoo, local amusement parks, children’s theaters, children’s movies, museums for kids, mini golf, and even Chuck E. Cheese all charged you to get through the door despite the fact you likely would not choose this recreation opportunity sans child. Granted the bounce house didn’t charge you, but, well, it’s a bounce house!   

Need more?  Have you checked out the price of kids’ arts classes yet?  Priced out two half days at a Parent Participation Co-Op?  We’re an amazing deal. Honest.

Finally, we are truly hoping ArtBeast becomes a real community. We are hoping for members. We are pricing drop in high so that folks decide to join. (We’re stealing a move from the gyms on this.) Because if you join, we see you all the time. Families connect. Children perform and create and sing and build together many times a week. Parents come at night to do art and talk deeply about the art of parenting.  Friendships blossom so one parent can take the kids to ArtBeast while the other hits the grocery store.  Parents get to talk to one another about how hard it can be, and how amazing. We can get one other through it all.  Our children grow up together, creating, singing, and surrounded by adults who know them and care for them. Great things start to happen in Sacramento for families.

And hey…. the organic coffee’s free.

How do ArtBeast prices compare to other children’s art exploration spaces?
If you compare what you get with an ArtBeast membership to the area’s other offerings, ArtBeast offers much more opportunity to explore for about the same price.  To compare:

One 45 minute, weekly dance class as local studio:  Drop in:  $16    Monthly:  $56
One 45 minute, weekly parent and child music class:    $75 month
Two day a week, half-day parent participation preschool:   $132 - $175 monthly 
1 hour a week sports class at local gym for 3 and 4 year olds: $70 monthly
One matinee movie a week with a parent and two children: $84
One week of 3 hour-a-day art camp: $150
One month family membership to a gym: $100

At ArtBeast, you can come every day between 9 am and 6 pm to explore and play AND attend a weekly class.  If you have more than one child, you pay only $15 more to add all additional children under 7.

AND DON’T FORGET: Your membership supports Tubman House, a residential program for homeless families. Your membership helps provide the diapers, college textbooks, groceries, and housing that gives young, homeless parents and their children a shot at a new future.