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Our pledge to the shy

Our Pledge to the Shy

When you come to ArtBeast, we will smile and say hi. 
We might say, “I’m glad you’re here today.” 
But we promise, we won’t stare until you say hi back.
We won’t pester you with questions about your name
and your age if you’d rather not share.
We won’t get too close or try to make you laugh
Or insist you find us charming.
You can have all the time you want and
All the space you want to get comfortable,
to decide if you want to trust us with your name,
your art, your ideas, and your giggles. 
We know you are much more than someone
Who prefers a slow getting to know you.
We know that the quiet we see protects
the loud, feisty, brilliant spirit inside you.
And that’s just fine.