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What is ArtBeast?

What is ArtBeast?


ArtBeast is a drop in arts exploration space for children featuring an open studio, arts classes, and arts exploration rooms. Though all children are welcome to visit ArtBeast, special focus is given to creating an environment for children under 6.

The open studio features tables, easels, and clay mounds where young artists can work. Surrounding shelves are stocked with paint, papers, objects from nature, recycled tidbits, glues, crayons, glitter, scissors, an array of brushes, and an even wider offering of objects from which to make art. Children develop confidence in expressing and messing as they create art pieces that convey their sense of the world.

Arts exploration rooms include rooms to explore dramatic arts, music, and movement. The dance space is outfitted with mirrors, bars, and a sound system. Tutus, tap shoes, bells, and streamers allow dancers to explore movement and the joy of dancing. Children can also build paths and obstacle courses, twirl, and mirror yoga poses as children learn to balance and move their bodies.

Dramatic play spaces changes monthly so children can explore the creation of story lines with ever changing scenery, props, costumes, and puppets. The space features puppet theaters, sets, and a stage for young performers to sing and bring to life stories of their own creation. The dramatic arts space also includes fort making supplies where new worlds or kingdoms can be created using fabric, boxes, pillows and props ready for young hands.

A music exploration space offers instruments from around the world so that budding musicians can strum, form drum circles, or form a band for the afternoon. Bang walls and full sized instruments are mounted to walls for children to create music without having to manage weight and size.

The art loft provides nooks, ramp, and bridge to create tiny worlds using fabric, props, new friends, and strong imaginations.

In the courtyard, the wildest messes occur as children enjoy a painting wall, paper mache, water play, and gravel, mud, and sand exploration.

The nest is reserved for those still finding their feet. The nest offers a tactile wall, a soft play river walk, and tummy time space where parents and care providers can introduce their babies to a variety of adventures.

Throughout each day, classes are offered for guided exploration of various arts. ArtBeast classes emphasize exploration over specialization. Classes target age groups so that painting or dance, yoga or song can be made safe and fun for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Class offerings include: Clay Work, Painting, Photography, Mixed Media, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Singing, Rhythm Sessions, Yoga, Keyboarding, and Acting. Daily storytelling, puppet shows, and sing-alongs invigorate each day. The large classroom offers plenty of room and comfortable seating for parents to watch and connect with one another. Our memberships allow children to sample the arts affordably so that they needn’t pick a single discipline or limit exploration to 45 minutes a week. At ArtBeast, children have free range!

Parents or caregivers stay on site with each child to promote each child’s comfort in exploration.

ArtBeast uses a gym membership model. Visitors can choose to drop in or select a monthly membership. Like a gym membership for adults, a child is free to choose from a variety of courses offered and has the freedom to explore with creative tools, a variety of mediums and quality equipment.

ArtBeast will also hold children's Second Saturday events, Teen Open Studio Nights, Family Concerts and Family Dance Club Evenings. Evening events will include parenting discussion groups, adult art classes, and parent-child art classes. Some Fridays and Saturdays will offer parents the opportunity to enjoy an evening out as their children explore arts in our care. In the future, ArtBeast will offer summer and holiday camps for children.