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Camp Beast: A Summer of Arts and Adventure

by Bridget Alexander — last modified Mar 15, 2013 06:45 PM

Art Beast camps are designed for children 4 to 7 years old. We create a space that honors children by offering activities and environments suited to their age range. No trying to keep up with the 10 year olds at this camp!

Each session fills at 16 children and is led by two teachers, promising a group that can grow close. The camps offer a blend of structured arts exploration in the classroom and free play within the building, always under close supervision by the camp teachers.

Our camps are about exploring art and self-expression. Children dig into an array of mediums and arts in their own way. No matter the theme, we promise arts integration with movement, song, story, and art. After or before camp each day, you can stay and play at Art Beast with your child as long as you’d like.

And, as always, when you choose Art Beast, your money supports Tubman House, a community for young, homeless parents and their children. A portion of your camp fee is tax deductible.

Session Times: 9 am to 2 pm

Please Bring: Lunch, snack, and a bottle of water. Wear clothes that can get messy!

Pricing: $180 a week.  Additional siblings enrolled the same week receive a 15% discount.  $75 non-refundable deposit to reserve a space.

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Hero Camp: A Camp for Superheroes and Stars of their own Story (June 17-21)  Art, drama and music collide in this celebration of wonder girls and super boys.  In addition to making capes, masks, and hero tools, the children will tell the story of their hero in a range of art styles.  Daily dramatic play and movement games will bring imaginative worlds to life as children create characters and act out their feats of strength and heroism.  Teacher Bio:  Deborah Cardoza has been an Art Beast teacher for 3 years.  She studied Percussion Performance under Dr. Daniel Kennedy at Sacramento State where she earned her B.A. in Child Development and has been a member of the Sacramento State Symphonic Orchestra, the Sacramento State Percussion Ensemble and the Bay Area Women's Percussion Troupe. She currently performs with Gamelan Dharma Santi and enjoys teaching  to a wide variety of community members including high school students, developmentally-delayed adults and Art Beasties!

The Sound and Creativity Quest (June 24-28)   Travel into the jungles of inventiveness to find music and art all around.  Children will create one-of-a-kind maps, build a sound wall, make wind and percussion instruments, design graphic music notation art, and discover a range of possibilities in creating sounds and beauty from the everyday.  Teacher Bio: Liz Barton is a musician and educator with a Master's in Horn Performance. She is lead Teaching Artist with VITA Academy and also provides instruction at Esparto Elementary, developing the first music program there in decades. Her career includes private teaching (piano and brass), as well as classroom teaching (recorder and choir). Liz performs in orchestras throughout N. California. Liz loves performing chamber music and is active with Classical Revolution Sacramento. She recently performed classical music with homemade instruments from pvc pipes, hoses, funnels, and balloons.

Yoga and Art Explosion (July 1,2,3,and 5)  Children will move, contort, and stretch their creativity and their bodies!  Each day will include yoga poses, circle time, storytelling, art and team building games. Magic wands, felted hearts, nature crowns, and sun catchers are just a few of the crafts we will explore. Yoga for children welcomes giggles, silly ideas, playfulness, and spirit.  This camp is offered at a reduced rate of $140 as a four day camp.  Teacher Bio: Jenna Maggard is owner of Hand for Humanity massage, a preschool teacher and a long time yoga instructor. Jenna has also practiced ballet throughout her life. Jenna is dedicated to practicing and teaching yoga, raising her son, studying early childhood education, buying local, eating healthy, riding her bike, making art with friends, and being an integral part of her midtown Sacramento community. Jenna’s been working with children for 7 years and sees no end to this journey.

 Up, Up and Away!  (July 8-12)  Come and explore the things that soar in this weeklong camp focusing on the art of flight. From flying fish to rocket ships, campers will blend art and science with a lot of imagination. Through a variety of mediums, campers will create their own two and three dimensional works of art. We will also join together for group projects and creative exploration. Teacher Bio:  Engaging with young people as they explore their creative process is an absolute joy for Lyndsey Roush.  Since 2006, Lyndsey has been working as a teaching artist throughout the San Francisco and Sacramento areas. She holds a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Texas San Antonio and a Masters in Psychology from the Institute of Imaginal Studies – merging both to create a nurturing, collaborative learning environment.

Fairy Gardens and Gnome Homes: SESSION FULL  (July 15-19)  How does your garden grow? Come and join us as we explore all that grows around us! Be prepared to get those hands dirty and those thumbs green as we dig for worms in the soil and help the fairies with their gardens. Children will create take-home gardens and fairy houses, mason jar terrariums, garden stones, grass seed dolls and wind chimes in this magical exploration of gardening.  Teacher Bio: Mariah Nall is a culinary arts major and aspiring pastry chef. She has been a camp teacher and art coach at Art Beast for over two years. Whether she’s in the courtyard helping give the babies a bath or at the desk greeting our families, Mariah enjoys working with the children and watching them grow. When not working, you can find her cruising midtown on her bike, hitting up the local café, or spending time with friends. Mariah is super excited to explore and create with the campers this summer!

The World Wanderers: A Camp for Young Adventurers (July 22 - 26)  Join us as we journey across the world in search of exploration, creativity, and adventure. Everyday we’ll be visiting a new continent with homemade briefcases and passports in hand. We’ll learn about the mummies in Egypt, make origami in Japan, head to chilly Antarctica to learn about polar bears, go on a safari, and much more as we use our brains, bodies, and creativity to explore the world around us. Everyday we’ll explore a variety of countries to learn about different cultures, traditions, dances, and folklore. As our Beastie travelers further their exploration, so will their imaginations. Ready? Set…TAKEOFF!  Teacher Bio: Michael Benton is currently an art coach at Art Beast. He’s also a full-time student entering his fourth year at Sacramento State as a double major in Deaf Studies and Family Studies. When at Art Beast you can find Michael putting on a puppet show with children, conducting interactive story times, and leading Friday Little Beast and Big Beast Workshops. Michael is thrilled to be able to share his enthusiasm and passion for exploration of the arts this summer!

Swashbucklers and Space Travelers: A Camp for Actors (July 29 - Aug 2) Make every day a new adventure!  In this theater camp, children will create stories and sets, design costumes, sing at the top their lungs, and reinvent themselves each day as they learn the joys of acting. Skits, movement games, improv activities, and song circles will bring story after story to life. A range of art techniques will be introduced to create the props, costumes and special effects that build the imaginary world of the theater.  Teacher Bio: Zoe Carlson-Meyers truly believes in the magic of theater. She has been in a relationship with acting ever since her imagination came alive as a young child. Since then, she has been in numerous productions, varying from Shakespeare to modern dance. She believes that children are the best actors, as they love to play make-believe, shout, dance, and have fun. Because theater is her life, sharing it with young performers is one of her greatest joys.

Butterfly Ballet Camp  SESSION FULL (Aug 5 -9)  Twirl, jump, bend, glide, and explore movement and music through ballet basics as we break out of our cocoons to fly free and gracefully as butterflies!   We will also make time for art as we create our very own butterfly wings, ribbon sticks, and ankle bells.  Group games, songs, and an end of the week "butterfly performance" are just a few highlights of this playful, whimsical, and self-esteem encouraging camp.  Loose fitting clothing and socks are a must. Leotards, tutus and ballet slippers are encouraged.  Teacher Bio: See Jenna

Art Monsters  (Aug 12 - 16)  Each day campers will explore a different art medium, investigating each with a series of experiences and creations.  Children will experiment with paint, clay, dough, sculpture, and messy arts to learn new ways of using specific materials and expressing themselves. As a community of artists develops, daily circles of song, movement, drum, and storytelling will keep the giggles coming and imaginations keen.  Teacher Bio: See Deborah

Glob, Slob, and Goo: A Science Camp for Mad Scientist SESSION FULL (Aug 19 - 23) Campers will dive right into the messy part of science as we explore a new theme each day. Children will be encouraged to stretch their brains, creativity, bodies, and imagination as we investigate the magic behind science. Working together we'll use our silly ideas, playfulness, and curiosity to hypothesize and experiment. Campers will make and investigate alien goo for out-of-this-world science, make electrical bugs that conduct electricity, explore the spookier side of science with rubber bones, make tornadoes in a jar, and work together to create a unique baking soda volcano all while incorporating the arts. Teacher Bios: See Mariah and Michael

Geocaching Adventures: A 3 week series for ages 6 to 10 (August 15, 22, and 29th from 10 to 12  $50)  Let's hunt for treasure! Throughout the world, small boxes and bottles are hiding filled with tiny treasures. Using a compass and a few small hints, children will learn to locate geocaches throughout our city.  This is a great hobby for families as it makes every hike, urban outing, and trip to the river more exciting.  The children will also make, disguise, and hide their own geocaches.  These workshops will start at Art Beast, but involve journeys out into the surrounding neighborhoods. Grown ups are welcome to join us. Teacher Bio: See Jenna

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