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Camp BEAST: Summer Camps of Arts and Adventure

by Bridget Alexander — last modified Mar 20, 2014 08:30 PM

Art Beast camps are designed for children 4 to 7 years old. We create a space that honors children by offering activities and environments suited to their age range. No trying to keep up with the 10 year olds at this camp!

Each session fills at 16 children and is led by two teachers, promising a group that can grow close. The camps offer a blend of structured arts exploration in the classroom and free play within the building, always under close supervision by the camp teachers.
Our camps are about exploring art and self-expression. Children dig into an array of mediums and arts in their own way. No matter the theme, we promise arts integration with movement, song, story, and art. After or before camp each day, you can stay and play at Art Beast with your child as long as you’d like.
And, as always, when you choose Art Beast, your money supports Tubman House, a community for young, homeless parents and their children. A portion of your camp fee is tax deductible.
Session Times: 9 am to 2 pm
Please Bring: Lunch, snack, and a bottle of water. Wear clothes that can get messy!
Pricing: $180 a week.  Additional siblings enrolled the same week receive a 15% discount.  $75 non-refundable deposit to reserve a space. 

To Register: Call the studio anytime to register over the phone at 916-441-1233 or online at

June 16 to June 20   Vamos en el Mundo: Travel the World in Espanol

Campers will dive into Spanish art and culture on this whirlwind trip to Spanish speaking cultures of the world. Each day will be full of bilingual games and music that will help campers discover the many traditions and cultural crafts of Latin countries.  We will make sugars skulls and learn a traditional folk dance from Mexico. Campers will make enthralling matador vests and fans from Spain, build Aztec pyramids and create feather head-dresses from Central America. They will also explore the sensational drumming from Puerto Rico!  Get ready to have your child come home and greet you in Spanish. Sera fantastico!
Teacher Bio: Maggie Gomez is a lively and fluent Spanish speaker who celebrates her Mexican roots.  In addition to working as an art coach and teacher at Art Beast, Maggie is a devoted mother.  Maggie also comes with years of experience working as a child development teacher at Tubman House.

June 23 to June 27   Camp SHOWTIME

In this song and dance camp, children will create stories and sets, design costumes, sing at the top their lungs, and reinvent themselves each day as they learn the joys of acting. Skits, movement games, improv activities, and song circles will bring story after story to life. A range of art techniques will be introduced to create the props, costumes and special effects that build the imaginary world of the theater.  We will celebrate our week of acting with a lively performance on Friday afternoon.

Teacher Bio:  Tiffany Hannah is a classically trained dancer, and has performed ballet, jazz, tap, and modern throughout California, and Florida. Tiffany grew up taking dance, and spent six years at a performing arts academy, as well as three years teaching dance at Sacramento elementary schools where physical education budgets were cut. In addition to teaching, she has taken workshops from the prestigious Alvin Ailey Dance Company as well as Stomp!  In these environments she developed a strong love for the art of dance and teaching. Tiffany has spent the past seven years as a preschool teacher and elementary age tutor in Sacramento, CA where she encourages learning through play and discovery. Tiffany is also a dedicated student herself, and will soon finish up her degree in Health Science and Healthcare Administration.

June 30 to July 3   Dance Camp: Dance Around the World

Twirl, jump, bend, pop, glide, tap and explore movement and music of dance around the globe. Group games, songs, daily art, and costume making are just a few highlights of this playful, whimsical, and self-esteem encouraging camp. We will explore traditional dances from each continent while still making plenty of time to explore ballet, tap, hip hop and jazz. Loose fitting clothing and socks are a must.
Teacher Bio:  See Tiffany Hannah

July 7 to July 11     Science and Art Explosion!

This camp approaches art as a giant experiment. Campers will create and experiment with a range of safe chemicals and awesome reactions.  We explore acids and bases, water and oil, and all sorts of mad scientist combinations to generate unique art. Projects will include: water color canvas using glue and salt, jumping colors, splatter patterns, baking soda and vinegar art, and an array of goo and slime. 
Teacher Bio: Mariah Nall is a culinary arts major and aspiring pastry chef. She has been a camp teacher and art coach at Art Beast for over three years. Whether she’s in the courtyard helping give the babies a bath or at the desk greeting our families, Mariah enjoys working with the children and watching them grow. When not working, you can find her cruising midtown on her bike, hitting up the local café, or spending time with friends. Mariah is super excited to explore and create with the campers this summer!

July 14 to July 18      One Small Step: Space Adventurers

Join us for a week all about space! Everything from planets, stars, aliens, the sun and the moon will be discussed and created.  Starting with planet Earth, we’ll discuss the sky and what lies beyond. Campers can look forward to making astronaut costumes, alien goo, take home clouds, a full space diorama, homemade rockets, and much more! As we continue to deepen our understanding of our planet and space through storytelling, song and movement, we'll let our imaginations lead us.

Teacher Bio: Michael has been an art coach at Art Beast for over two years. He also recently graduated from Sacramento State with a BA in Family Studies and a minor in Deaf Studies and is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher. When at Art Beast you can find Michael putting on a puppet show with children, teaching Messy Science classes, and leading Friday Little Beast and Big Beast Workshops. Michael is thrilled to be able to share his enthusiasm and passion for exploration of the arts and yoga this summer!

July 21 to July 25    From the Ground Up: A Camp for Young Builders and Architects

Campers can tap into their inner builders for a week full of building and creating! Together we'll create larger projects like mazes, houses, cars, planes, forts, and rockets. We’ll also create a variety of take home DIY projects like cities, castles, and frames. During our time together each child will be given time to brainstorm an idea and given the time to continuously create it throughout the week!
Teacher Bio:  See Michael Benton

July 28 to August 1   Art Beast Music Makers and Marching Band

Come follow this band into the world of rhythm and glorious noise.  Make wind and percussion instruments, discover the beats our bodies can make, and discover a range of possibilities in creating sounds and beauty from the everyday.  As always, plenty of art and a range of mediums will be integrated into our instrument building.  Of course, Friday will celebrate our week with a performance of our newly hatched Art Beast Marching Band.
Teacher Bio:  Deborah Cardoza has been an Art Beast teacher for 3 years.  She studied Percussion Performance under Dr. Daniel Kennedy at Sacramento State where she earned her B.A. in Child Development and has been a member of the Sacramento State Symphonic Orchestra, the Sacramento State Percussion Ensemble and the Bay Area Women's Percussion Troupe. She currently performs with Gamelan Dharma Santi and enjoys teaching to a wide variety of community members including high school students, developmentally-delayed adults and Art Beasties!

August 4 to August 8  Dinosaur Discovery Camp

This camp is all about the dinosaurs! Children will create a prehistoric world and explore art and science through dino sculpture, volcano eruptions, and fossil casting. Make dinosaur eggs. Fashion dinosaur tails and feet. Assemble dinosaur skeletons. Make a flying pterodactyl.  Come join the adventuring!
Teacher Bio: See Mariah Nall

August 11 to 15   Glob, Slob, and Goo: A Science Camp for Mad Scientist   

Campers will dive right into the messy part of science as we explore a new theme each day. Working together we'll use our silly ideas, playfulness, and curiosity to hypothesize and experiment. Campers will make and investigate alien goo, rubber bones, water blobs, and all things silly and scientific.
Teacher Bio: See Deborah Cardoza

August 18 to 22   Mindful Sea Monkeys: An Underwater Journey of Yoga and Art

An under the sea meets yoga camp! Each day campers will explore a new fact of the deep sea. Together we’ll learn about the different animals, habitats and creatures that make up the vast ocean along with waves, currents, and tsunamis. Oceans in a jar, flowerpot sharks, life size mermaids and mermen, and aquariums are but a few of the projects campers can create. During our time together we’ll also move and stretch our creativity and bodies as we explore various aspects of yoga that welcome silly ideas, playfulness and spirit. Each day will include yoga poses, circle time, storytelling, art and team building games. 
Teacher Bio: See Michael and Mariah