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Summer Camps of Art, Play, and Adventure

by Bridget Alexander — last modified Mar 04, 2015 11:00 PM

 Art Beast camps are designed for children 4 to 7 years old. We create a space that honors children by offering activities and environments suited to their age range. No trying to keep up with the 10 year olds at this camp!

Each session fills at 16 children and is led by two teachers, promising a group that can grow close. The camps offer a blend of structured arts exploration in the classroom and free play within the building, always under close supervision by the camp teachers.
Our camps are about exploring art and self-expression. Children dig into an array of mediums and arts in their own way. No matter the theme, we promise arts integration with movement, song, story, and art. After or before camp each day, you can stay and play at Art Beast with your child as long as you’d like.
And, as always, when you choose Art Beast, your money supports Tubman House, a community for young, homeless parents and their children. A portion of your camp fee is tax deductible.
Session Times: 9 am to 2 pm
Please Bring: Lunch, snack, and a bottle of water. Wear clothes that can get messy!
Pricing: $180 a week.  Additional siblings enrolled the same week receive a 15% discount.  $75 non-refundable deposit to reserve a space.

To Register: Follow this link or call the studio at 916-441-1233 between 9 am and 6 pm.

March 30 - April 3: Art Beast Spring Camp: Nature, Art, and Movement

During this interactive camp we will focus on Local Birds. Each day will include movement/yoga, games, storytelling, nature art, bird identification, artful journaling and more! Our camps always include lots of time for supervised free play within the studio as well.  Teacher: Cara Ellen Patton, M.Ed. and RYT(See bio below)

June 15-19: Get Wild! Animal Play and Art
Come share your love of animals with others! In this camp, we will imagine ourselves as animals in the wild, making masks and costumes, telling stories, and learning to move with the stealth and grace of beasts and birds. We will create animal habitats and play team building games that teach us more about animals behavior. Together we will create a play about our animals sharing our new wisdom about life in the forests. We will also focus gently on nature conservation, exploring ways we can take care of our planet so that all animals thrive.

Teacher: Cara Patton: Cara holds a Masters Degree in education and has taught both elementary and preschool students in project based schools. For the past 3 years, she has been leading a program called Nature and Self Discovery that uses nature education, writing, yoga, meditation, and a range of arts to connect children to self, nature, and one another.

June 22-June 26 : Art Everywhere! Creating Art in Nature
Ready to create art using only natural materials? Let's make paint from wild leaves and berries, paint with pine needle brushes, and weave with fronds. We will learn about natural artist Andy Goldsworthy to inspire our art projects. Using nature is a great way to connect to our Planet—the best part, nature will also provide more materials for us to create with. Together we will create group projects as well as individual projects to take home at the end of the week. Class projects include Nature Mobile, Collaborative Nature Mural, Clay and Cob Work, “If I was a Tree” Poem Book, Nature Mosaics, Rock Sculptures, and Fairy Houses.

Teacher: Cara Patton (See above)

June 29 – July 3 Sailors and Divers Camp: A Camp for Exploring the Sea, Above and Below.
In this week long camp, we will learn about the power of water and creatures of the sea: both legend and real. We'll create our very own pirate ship for traveling through oceans and rivers all around the world, build para-scopes for submarine exploration, and enjoy water crafts and water play each day. As camp progresses through the week, our camp room will slowly submerge and we'll learn more about the creatures that inhabit the water around us. We will create, build, and decorate beautiful take-home creations that represent our day's explorations. Eye-Patches and sailor hats welcome!

Teacher: Nancy Hamaker: Nancy is a college student, a drum line instructor at local high schools, AND an Art Beast teacher and art coach. As an avid creator, Nancy is also the designer of the many whimsical creatures and scenes that fill our front window. Whatever her pursuit, Nancy brings much originality and fun into the experience.

July 6 to July 10  African Safari: An Adventure through the Habitats of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Africa
Join us as we explore the African wilderness and all it has to offer. We will journey through the wild wearing our safari hats and vests, identifying and learning about our animal friends and their habitats. We will make our own binoculars to see the animals far off in the distance and fasten cardboard jeeps to journey many miles on our safari. Campers will jump into crafting, making lion masks and practicing their roars, creating hippo collages, and having fun with zebra marble painting and egg carton crocodiles. We will play silly animal games and learn why "Giraffes Don't Dance!"  Mariah is looking forward to an exciting safari adventure with her campers this summer, so be prepared for fun!

Teacher: Mariah Nall: Mariah is Assistant Director of Art Beast. She has been a camp teacher and art coach at Art Beast for over four years. Whether she’s in the courtyard helping give the babies a bath or at the desk greeting our families, Mariah enjoys working with the children and watching them grow. When not working, you can find her cruising midtown on her bike, hitting up the local café, or spending time with friends. Mariah recently graduated college with a degree in culinary arts. Mariah is super excited to explore and create with the campers this summer!

July 13 to July 17:  From the Ground Up: A Camp for Young Builders and Architects

Campers can tap into their inner builders for a week full of building and creating! Together we'll create larger projects like mazes, houses, cars, planes, and forts.  We’ll also create a variety of take home projects like cities, castles, and frames. We will build will a range of supplies, using cardboard, pipes, and wood to complete projects. During our time together each child will be given time to brainstorm an idea and given the time to continuously create it throughout the week!

Teachers: Nancy Hamaker (bio above)

July 20 to July 24  Rocket to Space! For Space Observers and Explorers
3...2...1... Get ready to take off to another world as we explore the marvels of the universe around us! In the beginning of the week, we'll prepare for take off by creating our very own astronaut costumes, topped with paper maché helmets. As we get farther away from our home planet we'll learn about stars and planets by making flashlight constellation projectors, and mix together our very own galaxy dough to feel the presence of the galaxy around us. And what space camp wouldn't be complete without building our very own chemical reaction rockets?

Teacher: Nancy Hamaker (See bio above)

July 27 to July 31  Mad Scientist in the Kitchen: SOLD OUT

Culinary Art graduate and cook extraordinaire, Mariah will lead this camp as we discover the science behind cooking. Campers will delve into the world of rising agents, acids, & chemical and heat reaction as they use science to make their snacks. Science chefs will make edible geodes, shake milk into whipping cream, rise doughs, mine iron from their cereal, and use seaweed to make gummy worms. We promise plenty of play and silliness mixed into a good dose of science.

August 3 to August 7    Outrageous Science

Dive into experiments that will amaze while teaching some of the basics of chemical reactions and scientific truths. Young scientists will growing rock candy, create  rainbow flowers bouquets from white daisies, shine pennies, use hot chocolate as a solvent, blow up a balloon without using a single breath, and power a boat with baking soda. We will paint with vinegar explosives, use inertia to conduct magic tricks, and attempt to briefly defy gravity as we build hover crafts.

Teacher: Andrew Macaranas: Andrew has been an Art Beast coach for 2 years. He studied Fine Arts at Sacramento City College and transferred into California State University Sacramento where he graduated in Family Consumer Science minoring in Apparel Marketing and Design. When he is at Art Beast, you can catch him leading the Messy Science class, teaching kids the hows and whys of slime, bubbles, and an array of chemical reactions.

August 10 to August 14: Out of the Box Camp: Surprising Ways of Creating

This whimsical camp will center on building, crafting, and making familiar things with unusual supplies. We will create a tinkering lab where children are encourage to get inventive and look at new possibilities for creating. Whether engaging with an instrument making buffet or raising castle walls from milk cartons and dissected electronics, campers will be immersed in the world of invention.

Teachers: Nancy Hamaker and Andrew Macaranas (See above)

August 17 to 21: Art Beast and Monster Creators
This camp is for fans of extra limbs, eyes and teeth - or lack thereof. During this camp, we'll explore what it is that makes a monster and the odd beasts that we hear about in stories. While exploring our best monster behaviors, we'll tap into monster games that help us meet each other and become friends! As the week moves on, our campers will slowly turn into monsters of their own creation - with beast feet, hats and accessories that they conceptualize through the week. Together, campers will also explore the sensory formations of various monster gucks and goos. Join us at the end in our decorated beast zone for a monster mash dance to meet your new monster!

Teacher: Nancy Hamaker (See bio above)