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Summer 2016 Camps

by Bridget Alexander — last modified Mar 11, 2016 11:50 PM

Art Beast camps are designed for children 4 to 7 years old. We create a space that honors children by offering activities and environments suited to their age range. No trying to keep up with the 10 year olds at this camp!  Each session fills at 16 children and is led by two teachers, promising a group that can grow close. The camps offer a blend of structured arts exploration in the classroom and free play within the building, always under close supervision by the camp teachers.

Our camps are about exploring art and self-expression. Children dig into an array of mediums and arts in their own way. No matter the theme, we promise arts integration with movement, song, story, and art. After or before camp each day, you can stay and play at Art Beast with your child as long as you’d like.

And, as always, when you choose Art Beast, your money supports Tubman House, a community for young, homeless parents and their children. A portion of your camp fee is tax deductible.

Session Times: 9 am to 2 pm

Please Bring: Lunch, snack, and a bottle of water. Wear clothes that can get messy!

Pricing: $180 a week.  Additional siblings enrolled the same week receive a 15% discount.  $75 non-refundable deposit to reserve a space.

To Register: Complete the online form here   or call the studio at 916-441-1233 between 9 am and 6 pm.

June 20-24 Wings, Wands & Potions:  A Camp for Wizards, Witches, Fairies, and Elves

Join us on a hunt for all things mythical and magical. Over the course of the week we will explore all sorts of fantastic creatures, including dragons, unicorns, fairies, wizards, and elves! We will use our imaginations and artistic skills to build a mini, make-believe world of fun and adventure. Each day will include stories, games, and science or art activities that reflect our magical theme.  Projects include: magic wands, science inspired potion making (some edible), dragon puppets, golden slime, magical creature companions, fairy gardens, and much more.

Teacher Biography: Leslie is a mother, artist, and children’s librarian with a passion for bringing stories to life through art. Leslie has a Masters of Library Science and over 10 years’ experience working as  a Children's Librarian. With an undergraduate degree in Photography, Leslie has been a lifelong lover of the arts who has dabbled in many mediums. She loves sharing stories with children and finding ways to use art and movement as a means to bring them to life.

June 27-1   Science Adventures: A Camp for the Young Mad Scientist

Join us for an interactive adventure exploring all things science! We will have fun learning and creating as we journey into space and physical sciences, botany and plant growth, and the wonders of the human body. Campers will enjoy identifying constellations and making nebula jars, watching sprouts grow, erupting volcanoes, and understanding how our lungs work. Anticipate an exciting week of experimenting and scientific discovery.

Teacher Biography: Mariah is Assistant Director of Art Beast Children's Studio and a seasoned camp teacher. She is also a baking and pastry chef who enjoys yoga and Nichiren Buddhism. Mariah is inspired by the arts and has a passion for the fostering and development of young, capable minds.

July 5-8   Mix, Mash, and Make: A Camp for Budding Chefs

Join us for a week of flavor and fun as we explore our palates and palettes! Campers will immerse themselves in creating a healthy snack each day out of fruits, flours, and vegetables. We'll be mixing, mashing, and whipping up snacks and crafts- decorating chef's hats, printing with cooking tools, and making our own recipe books. We will also work in a science experiment or two exploring the energy hidden within the deliciousness. This camp is all about playing with your food!

Teacher Biography: Nancy is a college student, a drum line instructor at local high schools, AND an Art Beast teacher and art coach. As an avid creator, Nancy is also the designer of the many whimsical creatures and scenes that fill our front windows and studio. Whatever her pursuit, Nancy brings much originality and fun into the experience.

July 11-15  Story Weavers Camp

Join us for a week filled with the art of storytelling. This camp is perfect for the budding novelist, comic enthusiast, shadow puppet master, and anyone who just loves a good story. Camp activities will include exploring settings, characters, and plot, making puppets of all kinds, building shadow puppet theaters, book making, comic stripping, storytelling games, and more. No reading or writing necessary for this camp. Bring your imagination and get ready for an adventure!

Teacher Biography: Diana has experience both as a teacher and as an artist. She has two very artistic young daughters whom she homeschools as well as leading homeschool groups for other families. She works in many mediums and is especially interested in fostering a community of young artists who learn and grow by looking at art throughout history and by creating a dialog in the classroom as well as creating meaningful artwork together.

July 18 - 22: Wheels and World Wandering: A Camp for Young Adventurers                                                                      

Join us as we journey across the world in search of exploration, creativity, and adventure. Everyday we’ll be visiting a new continent on a contraption of our own making. We’ll make cars and planes, learn about the mummies in Egypt, make origami in Japan, head to the Artic zone to learn about polar bears, go on a safari, and use our brains, bodies, and creativity to explore the world around us. As our Beasties travel so will their imaginations. Ready? Set…TAKEOFF!

Teachers’ Biographies: See Mariah’s bio above

Andrew has been an Art Beast coach and teacher for 3 years. He studied Fine Arts, graduating from CSUS with a minor in Apparel Marketing and Design. When he is at Art Beast, you can catch him leading the Messy Science class, teaching kids the hows and whys of slime, bubbles, and an array of chemical reactions.

July 25- 29: Dinosaurs and Dragons: A Week with Giant Creatures

Dive into the past as we study large creatures of worlds real and imagined! Campers will create triceratops masks and see through a brachiosaurus' eyes. We'll investigate the existence of dragons as we create dragon footprints and our very own dragon eggs. We will sculpt and shape dinosaur habitat dioramas and unleash our creations. Campers should be ready to roar and roam!

Teacher Biography: See Nancy’s bio above

August 1 - 5: Garden Gnomes, Fairies, and Butterflies: A Camp for Nature Lovers

How does your garden grow? Come and join us as we explore all that grows around us! Be prepared to get those hands dirty and those thumbs green as we dig for worms in the soil and help the fairies with their gardens. Children will create take-home gardens and fairy houses, mason jar terrariums, garden stones, dragon fly dolls, and butterfly wings in this magical exploration of gardening.

Teacher Biography: Sonya has worked as an Art Coach the last two years and is celebrating her recent graduation from high school. Her kindness, warmth, and joy in creating with children ensures spirits will be blooming in this session.

August 8 – 12: Ocean Commotion Camp

Time to dive into an underwater adventure as we explore the creatures and habitats below the water’s surface.  We will learn about octopus, jellyfish, crabs, fish, and whales as we craft, tell stories, and move like the beings of the sea. We will make glittery octopus ink, jellyfish bottles, and starfish. Each child will also create a canvas of their own underwater habitat with seaweed gardens and coral to invite on-going imaginings of the vast world of the ocean.

Teacher Biography: See Andrew’s bio above

August 15-19: Noise and Mess Makers

Let’s  explore sound, texture, and color in fun and messy ways as we get to know each other. Campers will mix their own puffy paints, tackle pendulum painting, and invent things oozy. We will make our own rattles, shakers, and jingles as we explore sound and timbre. As the week progresses, campers will start to overlap noise and creation with hanging wind-chimes and dance paintings. Come on the last day to pick up your child and take part in our cacophonous beast parade!

Teacher Biography: See Nancy’s bio above